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Meet Our Leaders

Meet Our Leaders


Rachelle Tokar

                                                   Cory currently works as a Dance Teacher in          Lorain Ohio, Music Director for Camp I.D.E.A.S, professional Vocalist for Cleveland Opera and the Chancel Choir in Westlake Ohio. He has traveled the world internationally as a professional vocalist to places such as Scotland, Australia, New Zealand, Austria, Germany, Italy, and Canada. He has performed in professional Opera productions such as The Witch for Hansel and Gretel, lead roles for La Finta Giardiniera, The Mikado, Turn of the Screw, Don Giovanni and La Boheme. Cory has been with the Sign choir now for 7 years as Executive director and Theater Director and is son of the late founder Sharon Svette.

Cory Svette

Executive Director


                                              Ashley currently works as a one-on-one aide for autistic children when not with Svette Signers. She also works as a  staff member at a camp in the summer months. She has been with the sign choir since the year 2003, starting as a Westwood Junior High School student with Mrs. Sharon Svette (May she rest in peace). Ashley’s current roles in Svette Signers are to lead the group in learning the sign language, record and post practice videos for the group to utilize on their own time, and she also creates the graphic design for this website, along with designing our flyers and programs for performances from scratch.

Ashley Jones

Mini Signers and Adult Sign Language Director, Web Graphics


Youth Sign Language Director, Consultant

                                                Rachelle has been involved with                           the group since she was a student a  Westwood Junior High School. She currently works in customer service and serves as the director for our Svette Youth Signers group. In our  adult group, she serves as an assistant director, sign language consultant, and interpreter for our members who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. When she is not with the group, she spends time with her cats, her significant other, and her daughter, Ella, who is a member of our youth group.




Andrew Nord

Technology, Sound

Andrew is a student at The Los Angeles Film School, majoring in audio recording and technology. He plays guitar and teaches guitar to a wide range of individuals. In our group,  Andrew oversees all of the online media for our group, including social media and online practice videos. He also works as an assistant director when he is needed. His most important role for Svette Signers, however, is being our sound technician.



Event Coordinator

Maggie is the treasurer for the choir and manages all of the behind-the-scenes business for the group. She is the mother of Darrius Nejadfard and Kian Nejadfard, members of the choir, but also serves as a motherly figure to all of the choir members, as she always makes sure we care for ourselves. She is a great support system and is easy to talk to when we need her. Our choir would not be where we are without her!


Linda is the mother of group member Alyssa DeAngelis. She came to us through Alyssa, and was amazed by how much work we actually put into the group that she decided to join us. Linda gets the word out about our group to local communities and beyond, and, aloing with Maggie, is opening up so many new opportunities for our group to experience. We are so lucky to have her and are so grateful for all of the help she has given us!!

Meet Our Crew

Meet Our Crew



Trinity Robinson
Noah Griffiths    Allie Lehman
Dana B
eaudin   Andrea McCray


Costume Crew

Renee Haywood   Tammie Kight
Jennifer Beaudin       Rhianne Olgin-Beard


Staging Crew

Cory Svette  
Taylor McCray     Tristian Siglin

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